The blog: On this blog, I write about potentially anything pertaining to built space and man-made objects from a design perspective. I am an architect with a PhD in urban design, and I am a researcher and educator in architecture. I take interest in the relationship between design and society, economy and culture. Therefore, you will not just find writings on design artefacts or cool buildings and places, but also theoretical reflections on design.

The history: Nic’s A&D blog was first launched on August 10, 2006, as a Danish language blog on architecture and design in general and on the architecture and design programme at Aalborg University, Denmark, in particular. Originally, the blog was intended as a forum for the exchange of views on architecture and design among students and professors within the programme, and the blog featured monthly guest editors.

While the blog was established in part as an attempt to remedy the lack of debate on the official website of the architecture and design programme, it stopped serving this purpose in February 2008, as Nic himself became the head of programme. It seemed silly, somehow, to continue the blog as an underground initiative, while at the same time being in charge of programme.

As the duties as head of programme did not allow for pastime activities such as running a blog, Nic’s A&D blog entered a long period of hibernation, and it was not until after Nic stepped down as head of programme, that it slowly came back to life.

As more and more posts had already been written in English, and as the blog had gained a growing international readership, it was decided to turn it into an English language blog altogether, including English language category and page titles, etc. Old posts written in Danish can still be found in the archive.

As such, Nic’ A&D blog now serves as a window for short notes, commentaries and reflections on architecture and design, as alternative mode of writing to the more lengthy and thorough academic papers which Nic otherwise writes.

The Nic: As for Nic himself, his full name is Nicolai Steinø. He holds a MA in architecture, a PhD in urban design and a graduate diploma in business administration. He is an associate professor at Aalborg University, Denmark, where does research and teaches architecture and urban design. For a full bio, check his University profile.