Mayan Design Winter Workshop Mexico


Photo: Centro de Investigaciones de Diseño Industrial, Faculdad de Arquitectura, UNAM, Mexico (detail)

28/01 – 01/02 2008 and
04/02 – 08/02 2008

Price pr. week:
Before 30/11 2007: 790/590 € (non-students/students)
Before 31/12 2007: 820/620 €

Centro de Investigaciones de Diseño Industrial
Faculdad de Arquitectura
UNAM, Mexico

Info and registration

As part of its international promotion program, the Industrial Design Research Center at UNAM organizes the Mayan Design Winter Workshop 2008. During two weeks several activities will take place, all of them focused on 4 workshops dealing with different topics, and leaded by recognized national and international designers.

The main objective of the event is to share the experience with professionals, students and people with passion for design – designers, architects and artists – in a natural, free and joyful environment, where the restrictions of design reduces to enhance the exploration and the experimentation, in order to open imagination and foster creativity.

The place selected for this event is a space provided with the necessary infrastructure, plunged in the jungle of “Calakmul Biosphere Reserve”, southeast of Mexico City; it is a place with privileged characteristics: exuberant nature, spectacular and unique archaeological zones.


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