Dutch Job Offer in Urban Design

I have received the following letter from a Dutch architect who is looking for an intern or a young, just graduated urban designer to start his/her career in his practice:

I am Robbert Jan Wijntjes. Together with Gerard Jan Hellinga we run a small urban design office in Holland (30 minutes north of Amsterdam in Hoorn). Our office has 15 employees. We are looking for a young, just graduated urban designer to start his/her career in our practice.

We are a informal group of professionals that work all over the Netherlands. We work in various fields of urban design and landscape. Since 2006 we also work with the english method of community-planning. We have a good mix of plans and projects we work on.

We get good references about your school. Good urban designers are hard to find in Holland as many young people nowadays prefer to become a architect.

Maybe you can help us out. If you need a place for a student for a practice periode or if you know people that would like to work in Holland, please let us know by mail.

friendly greetings,

Robbert Jan Wijntjes




One comment

  1. Gen

    Hi, I see this post went out in 2007! How are things now? I am trying to figure out a way to live and work in Holland. I am an Urban Designer in the UK and have been to Holland many times on various field trips and personal vacations and feel much more at home than I do in England. Please let me know if you are still looking for urban designers or can recommend where to start looking!
    Many thanks,

    Genevieve Hayes.

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