Sticks and Planes


Form-making workshop in the 4th semester at A&D. All photos by Nicolai Steinø

Wooden sticks and corrugated cardboard are all over the place. The students saw, cut and glue. Concepts like scale, proportions, hierarchy, sequence, rotation and extrusion are intensely discussed… This week, the 4th semester students at A&D are doing a form-making workshop, organized by Peter Mandal Hansen.

In a series of exercises, the students progress from making abstract spatial compositions solely from sticks, from sticks and cardboard in combination, to architectural compositions that relate to gravity and absolute scale. On Wednesday there was a first plenary discussion about the first two exercises.

Differences and similarities between the different compositions were discussed. And when some 90 ninety students each make a composition of their own and another together with at fellow student there are a lot of works! By grouping the works together, the students tried to describe what qualities made some compositions similar while others were different and how.

Slowly, a language of form is developed, which feeds into the third exercise which is being made as I write. In groups of 4-6 people, the students now work on architectural compositions which are due for tomorrow morning. They already have a remarkably high understanding of the compositional principles that they work with, and how they affect their work.

Not bad for four days’ work!






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