The Scholar Ship

As Loa wrote in her last post from Asia, it is highly recommendable to travel when you have the chance. As a student you can go on study tours of course, and you can study abroad. But either it’s short term – spending three weeks in Asia like the 6th semester urban design students is quite extraordinary – or you go somewhere to stay. What if you could really combine travelling big T with university studies? Well, now you can. Thanks to ‘The Scholar Ship’.

The Scholar Ship does just that – combining travels and studies. The Scholar Ship is a cruise ship dedicated to international studies. Twice a year, 600 students from all over the world sets out on a 16 weeks cruise which is at the same time a university programme focussing on such diverse topics as art and culture, sustainable development, cultural studies, business and communication, among other topics.

The whole thing is organised by a ‘Consortium of Academic Stewards’ which comprises universities from Morocco, Great Britain, China, Australia, Mexico, USA and Ghana, and is sponsored by a Caribbean cruise line company.

Interested? Check out
(Thanks to Mine Özkar from Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture for the link)


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