The last note on Asia… for now

Time flies when you’ve having fun – isn’t that what they say. Between mapping, visiting studios, an interesting and fairly long rowing trip along the rivers of Amphawa with four other girls and what turned out not to be a local expert, finding a little time to prepare a presentation, drinks and playing “Sketch & guess” with the Thai students, the time seemed to disappear and now it’s actually time to leave.

The hardest part about travelling is so often going home. For many if not most of the group, the difficulties are mainly focused on the need for additional bags and the fear of overweight. I was gonna take the sun with me in my carry-on baggage, but unfortunately that’s not possible. I would like to stay for a few extra months, not that I’m not looking forward to getting home to my apartment, which is still covered in confetti from New Years Eve that I couldn’t be bothered cleaning.

Running around Siam Square for a last minute shopping spree two students stopped me to ask a few questions about Bangkok’s environmental problems for at school project. After a 5 minute long monologue about pollution and infrastructure I realized by the look on their faces, that it wasn’t quite the answer they expected from the white girl with the shopping bags.

So I am occupationally damaged. It’s just that what I’ve learnt is in everything – which makes it almost impossible to answer people when they ask what this trip was like. I can only recommend that you travel a lot while you have the chance.


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