7. europæiske byplanbiennale i Budapest

Budapest. Kilde: wikitravel.org

Den 7. europæiske byplanbiennale afholdes i Budapest den 21-23. juni, 2007. Temaet er “Making places” og Hungarian Society for Urban Planning som er vært for biennalen skriver om valget af dette tema:

“The theme selected, ‘Making Places’, is the acknowledgement of the role Urban Design playes in shaping the 21st century city. By the turn of the century, nearly three quarters of the European population has been living in urban areas. To ensure their well-being through an improved quality of urban life, the attractiveness of European cities, including their competitiveness, must be maintained and enhanced, respectively.

Urban design will be a key element of the ‘renaissance of cities’. There will be a number of policies and interventions in which town planners ought to play a key role. In the process of shaping the quality of urban life, ‘culture’ and ‘place’ will continue to have distinguished role. They also represent Europe’s very contribution to mankind’s invaluable environmental culture.”

Det koster 400 € (studerende: 250 €) at deltage i biennalen, hvis man tilmelder sig inden 15. april.

Læs mere på www.makingplaces.hu


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