Getting to know the Thai police – nice people

The Thai Police are really nice. All photos by Miss Line Morsing.

As many people has experienced before me; Bangkok is a crazy place. It’s fascinating how so many contradictions come together without any proper system, but the fact that everything is meant to be broken sooner or later. I can’t help to love it, and everything I love about it becomes what I can’t stand, which is so crazy that I fall in love with it all over again.

What was supposed to be a somewhat boring boat trip turned into a police escorted spectacle as the vice-president of BMA took us on a tour of the nice part of Bangkok. Being a bomb magnet for political commotion is much more fun than I would have thought. Twenty people watching you watching Thai monuments gets a bit annoying in the long run.

Apparently I’m putting in an effort to become the biggest tourist of our group. Besides the getting- my-self-hurt-incident in China, I got my camera stolen at the weekend market in Bangkok. It was an exiting trip to the police station, but unfortunately not really worth losing my camera and all my pictures from Thailand over.

The competition to become the biggest tourist is steep. One girl was sick for days before she got diagnosed with food poison, another got her favourite clothes completely discoloured at the laundry and other girls may have gone just a tiny bite overboard shopping, buying pearl curtains and lamps that they are supposed to travel further on with. But maybe the tailor will rip me off when I go to pick up my dress tomorrow so I can get back in the lead.

I’ve actually also been considering trying to take the miniproject seriously the last few days, but working with the Thai students so often turns out to be them taking us out to hip restaurants, their favourite shopping places and bars – life is hard :-)

Bonus info: Real men drives pink cars


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