A&D Research Presentation Series

The A&D Research Strategy Committee has decided to revive the A&D Research Presentation Series. The main idea is to invite A&D researchers to present papers that have been accepted for international conferences and then have an informal discussion among colleagues.

The following dates are scheduled this Spring 2007:
Feb. 7th in Pejsestuen, Gl. Torv
Mar. 7th in Ø-220
Apr. 11th in Ø-220
May 9th in Ø-220
All days from 13.00–15.00 hours.

Ole B. Jensen will start Feb. 7th 13.00–15.00 in Pejsestuen, Gl. Torv, with his paper

On the Fluid Production of Meaning and Identity
– Urban Mobility as meaningful Everyday Life practice
Paper for the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, San Francisco, April 17-21, 2007
Cities and urban spaces have for long been described and understood in terms of their form, structure and morphology. However contemporary change in the socio-spatial relation has made it clear that urban analysts are in the need of a new vocabulary and new concepts. Thus an increasing number of urban theorists are turning towards flows and mobility practices as something that cannot longer merely be seen as an ‘urban side effect’. Rather, they may be seen as a ‘room with a view’.

The thesis of this paper is that by shifting the balance between the concepts of armatures (flow infrastructure) and enclaves (bounded places) we first of all get a much more sensible understanding of the contemporary city and the multiple mobilities configuring it. Secondly, it opens up a new agenda for the classic discussion about the city as a political space.

By arguing for an understanding of armatures as meaningful spaces of interaction we may come to think of these as ‘public domains’ rather than just instrumental leftovers from the real city with its predominantly fixed agora as the main political sphere. In an age of increased electronic and mediated communication it makes no sense to think of the ‘polis’ as this bounded space. Rather the new networks and flows reconfigure the city as a networked space of multiple mobilities contributing to a fluid production of meaning and identity.


One comment

  1. We’ve now had the first session and allthough the number of participants were not overwhelming we engaged in interesting discussions, – crossed the borders of dominant theoretical frameworks and challenged the new approaches.

    Come on, join in on the next session for an update on the research community, some snacks, wine and an engaged discussion.

    Please, find the updated schedule for the A&D Research Presentation Series at http://www.aod.aau.dk/rps

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