Hard Work

Hard work - The view from my hammock

The view from my hammock. Photo by Loa Iversen 

Gazing out the window at the northern winterscape you might dream of living in the Philippines, but it’s not all fun & games, sunset & beaches. Lately I’ve been working on my tan – and it’s hard work. A few cloudy days set me behind of schedule.

A five hour trip in a bus jampacked with the locals gave me a closer sense of the culture, views of the fantastic landscape, a better understanding of the infrastructure (it actually does exist…) and also a trucker arm! Though some people might go for that look I prefer a more wholesome appearance. So I spend the better part of my day at the beautiful, almost deserted sugar beach along with the rice laid out to dry.

I worked different suncream factors, angles to the sun and various cover-up methods. I finally got a somewhat even tan on both my arms only to find a white starshaped figure on my belly – aestetically centered around my belly button. I do vaguely remember drying leftover suncream off on my belly or maybe I dozed off with my hand placed on my belly… Anyway, it was a good laugh for my travelmates.

So with a slight trucker arm and a star on my belly being my biggest concerns in life, I dicided to give the even-tan-concept another go before leaving the beaches. I am quite happy with the result, that I will have no chance or time to maintain untill I get back home as we leave for Hong Kong in a few days.


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