Holiday – I vaguely remember the word…

A rather rare thing occured – for an A&D student – as there appeared to be an opening in my schedule for a holiday. Knowing this could only be caused by a special star alignment or something, two of my fellow students and I booked the first plane tickets to the Philippines for a holiday before meeting with our fellow 6th semester urban design students in Hong Kong for more serious activities.

The growing masses that they call Manila seemed to create associations that interfered with the holiday concept, which lead us south to the beaches. As I do get restless after about an hour on the beach, I took out my skectchbook for the first time in quite a few months. It appeared to the great entertainment for a bunch of local children. I really hope I didn’t discourage them from any future artistic expressions…

One little girl seemed to be especially fond of my drawing, she was wearing a torn t-shirt that said “CRYING isn’t going to HELP”. It made me wonder what is going to help – the wrecks that the typhoons left behind don’t seem too promising. But the attitude of the people truly amazes me, the words on the t-shirt couldn’t be more true. People are always smiling, laughing and they know that they’ll find a way to overcome it all. 


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