Happy January!


This year, New Year’s Eve was very rainy in Denmark. I therefore post an old photo which I took a couple of years ago, going home on the L Train from a New Year’s party in Brooklyn, New York. Somebody had brought this bunch of balloons on the subway at 2 am in the morning…

For certain things there are no excuses. Like not updating a blog for a month! Although there are no excuses there can still be explanations. In my case there are two.

After my return from Ankara four weeks ago, I have been overwhelmed by two serious blog-stopping phenomena. One is called Christmas. The other is called exams. Anyway, both are now over (well, almost), and the blog has been called back to life.

There will be no guest editor as such this month. However, Loa Iversen who is a student in the 6th semester of the A&D urban design program is writing a travel blog. The 6th semester urban design is currently in Asia where they will be visiting Bangkok, Hongkong and Guangzhou.

This post was ment to be a happy New Year greeting. As it is far too late for that, I just wish everyone a happy January and all the best for the remainder of 2007!


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