Preliminary Review at METU Arch


The day of the preliminary review at METU Arch 1st year design studio. All photos by Nicolai Steinø

Yesterday there was a preliminary review in the 1st year design studio at METU Arch. It was the students’ first review after they entered the program about three months ago, and everybody was a bit anxious about what the reviewers would think of their work.

While all the tables in the studio had been pushed together to make room for the two review groups at either end of the studio, some were still making last minute touch-ups to their work. The students were expected to show models, sketches and diagrams from all phases of their current assignment, and the works literally piled up everywhere in the studio.

Guest reviewers had been invited from other parts of METU Arch as well as from architecture programs at other universities in Ankara. The discussions were vivid, and the questions from the reviewers were abundant, yet not always too easy to understand for the students, let alone to answer.

Even so, I think it is pretty amazing how much the students have already learned about design in this short period of time…






  1. berrak erdal & senem yıldırım

    first of all, thanks for everything you did for us throughout 3 months
    we learnt lots of things from you as you mentioned 😀
    you wrote beautiful things about us..
    today was a bit hard but both of us have good critics and we think they like our jobs..
    we wished you would be here with us..we hope you had a great journey..
    do not forget us..see you..(wait for other photos..:))

  2. I have to say that Master,
    You were the accelerator of that period…
    I wont forget the day you came for the first time, and hope ou wont forget the day you leave…

    Yavuz Baver BARUT
    the student representitive of the department of the architecture

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