New Ideas for Architecture and Design Education Presented in Morocco


Student works from l’Ecole Nationale d’Architecture, Rabat, Morocco. All Photos by Nicolai Steinø

On November 14-16, I participated in the CSAAR 2006 conference “Changing trends in Architectural Design Education” in Rabat, Morocco. The topics of the conference ranged from digital design education, integration of studio with other teaching, to theoretical issues in learning and teaching design, and creativity and critical thinking, among others.

With architecture and design educators and researchers from five continents, the conference was very versatile in terms of the views, interests and ideas that were presented. The event fostered many interesting discussions and fuelled a lot of new ideas an inspiration for teaching architecture and design.

The presented papers have been compiled in a conference proceedings: Al-Qawasmi & Vasquez de Velasco (Eds.): Changing trends in Architectural Education, CSAAR, 2006, ISBN: 9957-8602-0-2. The proceedings will be available for download on the CSAAR website shortly.

The conference was co-hosted by the National School of Architecture (ENA) in Rabat. Both the president of the school – who is a graduate from the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark – as well as some of the students were present at the conference.

A tour of the ENA was given at the last day of the conference. The school which was established in 1980, is housed in a building complex from 2000, comprising administration, lecture rooms and labs; studios; library; as well as workshops, in separate buildings organized around a central courtyard.

The complex is located in a campus-like area to the south of the city centre, along with other schools of higher education. The school offers a 6 year program, focussing on architectural design. The teaching language of ENA is French.


Main entrance of ENA


View of a studio at ENA


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