NoRA – A&D’s pavilion at the Venice biennale


The construction site on the island of San Servolo, Venice, September 1st 2006. Photo: Bo Stjerne Hansen

Bo Stjerne Hansen writes from Venice where he is currently putting up the pavilion NoRA which is A&D’s contribution to the 10th International Architecture Biennale:

Every 2nd year, the International Architecture Biennale in Venice is performing its grandiose exhibition to direct the future trends and tendencies within architecture and urban design. This exhibition has been an ongoing inspiration for Architecture & Design and a participation in this event could provide a significant evidence of the ability of A&D to cope with the challenges in practice.

After some struggles to establish the economical basis for an exhibition in Venice, Food College Denmark was willing to contribute with the economical foundation for a moveable event unit, if the students at A&D, 8th Semester, were able carry out the design development.

The result of these efforts carried out during the past year can now be seen at the 10th International Architecture Biennale 2006 in Venice on the Island of San Servolo.

A&D, Food College Denmark, and the local contractors and advisors in North Jutland are now finishing a 30 sqm. pavilion with a small show kitchen, lounge and media library as well as an exhibition of the design studies carried out as part of the design development to present the current abilities and working methods of A&D.

The pavilion originated from the site characteristics of the Biennale area will perform according to the visitor movements and actions establishing a live urban environment between the reality of place and media. NoRA intends to become a relational element in the complex networks of reality guiding people to a personal identity of place.

The official opening ceremony will be on September 9th at 9.00 pm.

Info: The A&D Biennale Website

Blog: AAU i Venedig


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